Ultra 168 Love Gurney Goo!

Ultra 168 Love Gurney Goo!

Written by Dan

I came across this little tub of gold after a not so nice experience at GNW this year. If you read my race report, I go into fine detail with regards to the nature of this problem, but suffice to say I think the phrase went something along the lines of this, “I felt like someone had placed razor blades down my compression shorts.” That last 25kms of GNW really was a case of grinning and bearing it.

So why the issues? I couldn’t tell you to be honest. I’d never really suffered from those kind of issues before, but once was enough. Low and behold, I was in the Footpoint store the other day and Tom, who runs the shop flicked me a tub of this Gurney Goo. “Try this” he says, its magic.

Goo for your delicates, not to be confused with Gu, which goes in your mouth

Now I personally don’t believe in magic, but in for a penny and in for a pound I thought. But how is this different from other anti chaffing brands? Again, something I was keen to find out. Until now I’ve only ever used Vaseline to help the crown jewels from suffering a massacre, but seeing as it literally fell on its ass at GNW, I wasn’t too keen to repeat the experience.

Gurney Goo, so it appears has tea tree oil in it and is silicone based, and this supposedly helps enormously with friction on the skin. So try it I did, and low and behold, the results have been very good to date. I’m yet to use it on a super long run, but I must admit to being very impressed thus far, especially as I’ve been trying out the new Salomon S-lab shorts of late, which could potentially cause issues having stuck with one brand for so long and moved over to the Salomon’s.

The ‘goo’ is made by a bloke called Steve Gurney. Now I don’t know this guy from Adam, but apparently he’s a Kiwi fella who’s won the coast to coast quite a few times, and according to his website, nearly died once in the jungle. That’s all well and nice Mr. Gurney, but aside from that you do make some bloody good anti chaffing formula.

You can be pretty economical with it too, which helps when it costs $24.95 a tub, but I guess when compared to bodyglide, they all play at the same level. I’m just a tight wad who is used to paying $3 for a tub of Vaseline. But I must admit that this stuff is pretty good.