Anti-Chafing & Foot Care Essential Kit

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The Anti-Chafing & Foot Care Essential Kit is small, light and easy to fit into a pocket or a pack to have at hand for a long run or race as an emergency solution. This is also a great kit for multi-stage events where you can have additional supplies in a drop bag or where medical support is good and you just want something for "field treatment" until you reach base camp.  If you need a more comprehensive kit check out our Deluxe version.

Kit includes:

  • Skin disinfection:Alcohol Wipes x 2 (to clean skin and improve tape adhesion)
  • Tapes: 2.5cm x 1m Hypafix & 5cm x 1m Hypafix (both good for preventative taping or treatment of blisters on toes)
  • Tools: Foldable scissors (to cut tape), 1x Hypodermic needle (to lance small blisters)
  • Anti Chafing: 1x 2Toms BlisterShield Single Use Powder sachet (use in socks either for preventative treatment or following taping to reduce friction),1 x 2Toms SportShield Single Use Towelette (use anywhere on the body to prevent chafing & blisters)
  • Other: 1x Blister cushion (quick fix for blisters, ideally secure with tape for lasting adhesion whilst running) &heavy duty zip lock bag